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As you are sitting in your cubicle, behind your desk working for a boss that you hate and working a job that you hate almost as much? Do you ever think to your self, why am I slaving away to make another mans wallet fatter and at the same time barely getting in return just enough (if your lucky ) money to pay your bills let alone get into the position to change your positions so you can stop working altogether.

But I know just as you do that working a nine to five is not the answer to the goal of financial freedom. Unless you are a supertalented basketball or football player there are really few easy to set up and go paths to financial freedom. One of the most positive ways I have to this goal is to start your own business. One of the best companies I know of is Legalshield.

The product that they provide is deeply discounted access to legal services. So with this plan you can talk to anattorney day or night for free and if you need to employ they're service they will gladly represent you for % 50 of the normal attornee fee. And if you have ever been in a situation where you neededa lawyer than you are totaly aware that a plan that will save you up to 50 percent off of the fees for lawyers and allow you to talk to one anytime for free is a highly needed plan

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Start your own Legal Shield/Pre Paid Legal benefits business!

Can you help promote our next business event?

Flyer distributors and event promoters wanted for local projects
See, the problem is the average attorney charges up to $300 per hour.

BUT for as little as $27, a person can get our services and speak to a highly qualified attorney about their legal matters immediately. Here’s 101 ways to use Pre Paid Legal Services/LegalShield as a member!

You want to learn more about starting your own Pre Paid Legal Business by visiting the website of the person who invited you to this blog.

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PPL Legal Shield Services - Every single citizen should have their own business

Legal Shield - Let's face it...we are either employees or employers. We are either leveraging or being leveraged. It's all based on your leadership skills which have deep roots in personal development, charisma and influence.

When we bring a viable product or service to market. When we originate the process of innovation, we leverage ourselves. Some things are much larger than just ourselves. For business, this can be a large company or corporation.

We participate in the growth of a company in different ways. There's a sales side and a service side to business. The sales side is entrepreneurial. We participate by risking time, effort and money which we may contribute to our successes in the long run. Overall, you should base your business decisions on what you see as the overall growth potential in the market place.

To learn more about starting your own business with Pre Paid Legal Services, visit: and get back to the person who invited you to this message
by the Fox Business News Network!

Always Micah Carter
Pre Paid Legal Shield Services

Sunday, July 3, 2011

In networking and direct sales, people always ask why does it cost money to start a business.

Networking and direct sales
By Personal and Business Development on Saturday, July 2, 2011 at 11:52pm
Just look at the kind of money you can make in an as little
as a week in direct sales, marketing and promotions.
First of all, this is a business and it does involve direct sales.

It's just like any business you start up on your own, you need some training and materials to get started and since you are acting as an independent associate, you will determine the operation methods and schedules of your business as long as you are within company guidelines and ethics.

But then also, what's a couple hundred dollars when you're trying to start a reputable business?

Let's not be naive or cheap here. Look deep into Pre Paid Legal and once you find it all checks out, just take the leap of faith and submit your application through one of the links provided.

Feel free to contact me immediately for assistance, orientation, coaching or anything else related.

There are many reputable companies out there that will give you a good system of success. That being said, there are plenty of scams and short lived, high risk business projects out there as well.

Before you go into business, ask yourself who you are partnering up with. Please contact me. I am fortunate enough to have the coaching of an elite mentor in the industry who would like to help you quickly change your financial situation for the better.
Contact one of our team members below to get all your questions answered.
Serious inquiries only please.

Micah Carter

Helpful and friendly leaders on our team:

David Elizalda

Lydia Gulley

Marvin Solares

Elena and Gabriel Monico

Other pages to subscribe to for leadership training
Eighty percent of success is showing up
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Reasons why you should start your own PPL/Legal Sheild business

Keep an open mind here: You need to start a profitable, credible, home based business now because...
  • You could be profiting
  • You need the money!
  • You want a nicer car
  • You need to repair your car 
  • You want a much more abundant lifestyle
  • You want more free time
  • You're sick and/or tired of working for someone else
  • You are not getting paid what you're worth
  • You're working too hard
  • You need more money for retirement
  • You want to be prepared for the future
  • Perhaps people depend on you like children or other family you want to provide a great lifestyle for
  • The recession seems to be getting worse
  • Medical cost are rising
  • Food prices are rising
  • Gas prices are rising
  • Energy/Heating/Cooling cost are going up
  • Identity theft is on the rise
  • You have medical bills to be paid
  • You have legal bills to be paid
  • You don't want to be caught sitting around goofing around while a few of your peers are building fortunes with a simple business model
  • You want to buy a new home or any kind of home for that matter
  • You're tired of living in or near the ghetto
  • You're tired of not having a great holiday season
  • You like working in a prestigious industry with professional people
  • You like the idea of working with highly successful business partners and team members at your own pace
  • You want to help others deal with all of the same issues!!! 
  • You want to develop personally and financially.
Attend Legal Shield trainings where you will be taught specific business skills by six and seven figure income earners.

Go here to start making money with me and my team here today!

You want a career with a proven track record and real people like these!


Mr. Sean Mikael Platinum 2, $350k Income Earner and Millionaire Club member

Ms. Kai Deering, 100K Ring Earner, RM


RVP Hal Faresh! Millionaire Club Ring Earner!

Misunderstandings about home based businesses and network marketing

Naive people think the market is saturated!
Truth is the market is not saturated, it's barely ripe!! This is the time to reap the harvest now that awareness has been raised more than ever about the need for preventative and affordable legal representation and consultation as well as the need to make more stable and independent income to secure a financial future for yourself. 

It's a proven fact that prospects will need multiple exposures (about 5-7 average) to any brand before they will likely do business with it. Many people have been exposed to Pre Paid Legal only say 3-4 times and you can be the one who earns their business. That means it is the perfect time for you to come in and reap the rewards and take part in a huge transfer of wealth to those who choose to take advantage of it!

Millionaire Club Members Larry and Doni Smith

Go here to start making money with me and my team here today!

People always ask why does it cost money to start a business.

First of all, this is a business. And it's just like any business you start up on your own, you need some training and materials to get started and since you are acting as an independent associate, you have determine the operation methods and schedules of your business as long as you are within company guidelines and ethics.

But then also, what's a couple hundred dollars when you're trying to start a reputable business? Let's not be naive or cheap here. Look deep into Pre Paid Legal and once you find it all checks out, just take the leap of faith and submit your application through one of the links provided. Feel free to contact me immediately for assistance, orientation, coaching or anything else related.

Micah Carter

The fact is, millions of people have our service and hundreds of millions of people throughout the United States and Canada who need our service and most of them really don't know we exist and the ones who do probably don't really understand or know much about PPL Services.

PPL has a vast library of tools to help you with your new business franchise.

Partnering with Pre Paid Legal, you have access to business briefings, orientations and trainings in virtually all parts of the U.S. and Canada where experienced and successful PPL Associates put on live events to introduce your new prospects to the services and opportunity in a face to face format.

Prospects are then told to get back with the person who invited them!

This is very powerful for a big business builder. You can load up these events with as many guest as you like. This can be very profitable for someone who understand the concept of promoting any kind of live event.

We also give you access to pre made fliers, post cards, business cards and other marketing material as well as a huge base of professional video libraries on everything about Pre Paid Legal. You will surely find these marketing tools to be very exciting.

With more laws on the books than ever before, America is an aging society and as it does so, it's becoming more and more litigious as Europe has.

As that happens, legal expense prevention planning comes into much higher demand and this has been proven by European countries, where legal insurance type planning has penetrated 80% of the market!

Here in America, a younger society, Pre Paid Legal has only penetrated about 2% of our extremely vast and wide open market place. Many people simply do not know about or much about PPL!
This is your opportunity to capitalize in bringing this product to the market. 

Millionaire Club Member David Bruerd

I know, you're probably wondering, how much this business cost to start up.

Truth is, it's a business and just like any other business you start on your own, there is a small investment required. But this is truly a million dollar opportunity with a proven track record. 

Dr. David Hughes, 100K Ring Earner, Platinum ED, and RM

All together, the total start up cost as a Fast Start Associate (the best way to get started), is less than $300. As of this writing, new Associates are getting in for less than $200! So contact a PPL Associate immediately to get up to date information on enrollment.

Go here to start making money with me and my team here today!

It is as simple as getting started right here online. Of course, you will want to be sure that you are making a wise decision. After working closely with my personal mentor in the business, Mr Brian Carruthers, I can assure you that you are most definitely making a choice that won't be regretted.

Brian Carruthers and Darnell Self

Either way, the problem is that the average attorney charges up to $300 an hour for their services.

However you can  start the PPL service here today for as little as $16 a month and a one time $10 registration fee. Just use the service on a month to month basis. Use PPL for all your legal consultations, we are very confident you will be satisfied and that is why there is no contract. 

Inaugural Millionaire Club Member and Platinum 3 ED Larry Smith

Why Pre Paid Legal?

A 38 year proven track record

Prestigious management and leadership team

Better Business Bureau and U.S. Chamber of Commerce members

A professional service you can truly feel good about!

Once again, huge up front advance commissions!

Daily pay!

Direct deposit

Car allowance program



Million dollar potential!

Endorsed by credible figures such as Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Mike Moore and former Attorney General from the state of Mississippi who's most prominent achievements as an attorney were portrayed in the Hollywood movie "The Insider" starring Al Pacino, Russell Crowe, Christopher Plummer.

These are the kind of professionals that are recommending that you sign up for Pre Paid Legal Services.

Terry Solimeo, Sr. GVP, Six Figure Ring Earner, Master Trainer, Top Producer

Huge up front commissions: For every $46 you collect, you get paid a minimum of $103, then to $138, $172, $203 and $250+ as a Director.

Once a basic Associate just starting out, you will get $103
Opportunity to build a sales team: As a Director, you help a new person get started on your team and when they make a membership sale, you share the $250 Director payout. Your new team member gets $103 and you get paid the difference....about $150....and you're not even there. You can put as many people on your team as you like. As they move you up, you move up! You could make hundred of thousands or even millions if you like. However most inexperienced folks just make a few thousand a month, either way, it's far better than a job.

Simple to get promoted! Just join our team as a Fast Start Associate with Pre Paid Legal Services.

Get just 3 Associates who also try the service and get promoted to Senior Associate. Your commission will be raised from $103 to $138. You get the $35 override on new Associate sales in your team! Just 3 new team members getting 10 sales a month each is a total of 30 new Associate sales per month. $34 times 30 and you do the math. I mean that's almost $1,000 in your pocket for the month and you weren't even there!!

Help each of your 3 new partners become Senior Associates by getting their 3 people and you get promoted to Manager. Your commission will be raised to management level from $138 as Senior Associate to $172 as Manager, meaning you will now be getting a $69 override on all new Associate sales.

Now just imagine you have 30 new associate sales from your partners for the month. $69 times 30 is more like $2,000...just in overrides from team member sales...and once again, you weren't even there.

So now you get a small taste of how PPL/Legal Shield compensation has created so many success stories.

Now watch a brief start orientation and submit your application for membership and/or association and join our team today.

Millionaire Club Member, Ms. Katrina Ferguson

Methods of payment accepted include checking or savings account or major credit or debit card. Once it’s submitted, your application starts processing immediately. Your account is activated and your websites are set up. You can start your training and you can start submitting new business immediately.

In addition to that, we also ship your member package to your home with all the information you need to use our provider law firms for your own legal needs within a few short business days.

Do you see the benefits of having your own business? Do you like the idea of being able to control your own income? Great, all we would need is a little basic information from you and we can even help you through the entire process of enrolling and signing up for Pre Paid Legal right on the Pre Paid Legal/LegalShield Associate website! Just select the options you want, if you are unsure, please contact us. However, you can be assured that options can be changed or upgraded later, the main thing is become a Fast Start Associate by submitting your one time associate registration fee of $149.

Mr. Patrick Shaw, Platinum ED, Millionaire Club, 250K Ring Earner and RVP

You can choose the right plan for you

Although it is highly suggested you choose the

Fast Start Builder option! Take a close look and

contact us to ask questions.

Fast Start Builder Standard
Associate Program
Price $149 $65
Standard New LegalShield Associate Kit (details) New Associate Kit Included New Associate Kit Included
3 Months Televox (details) 3 Months Televox Included
90 Days eService (details)
2 Training CDs (details)
3 Private Business Reception DVDs (details)
1 Secrets Out CD (details)
Advance to Senior Associate Accelerated
Advance to Manager Accelerated

Six Figure Ring Earner, Mr. Glenn Davis

Our goal is to help you carve out just a few hours a week to create an extra stream of income or to replace the income you already have on any level! We are only successful when you are successful.

We have a unified goal of make the legal system and justice accessible to all.

Congratulations! You're just a few easy steps away from starting your own business by becoming a Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate!

I appreciate your trust and I'm excited about your new business. I'm here to help you get your business off the ground and invite you to contact me anytime.

Thank you always
Your partner in business

Pre Paid Legal/LegalShield Associate
Micah Carter 

We will plug you into immediate training videos with some of the top executives in the industry, such as my partner Brian Carruthers, who has personally earned $15 million in this business. He would like to offer you his knowledge and mentorship and we would both like to help you rise to the top in this business.


Millionaire Club Members, $500k Ring Earners, Mr. Michael Humes & Mr. Darnell Self

Submit your membership or associate application quickly and securely on our website

The message here is PERSONAL FREEDOM! Join us and let's make it a reality.

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